Some Good Fried Chicken…

Nancy Kuy, “the food seeker”, gives her take on the food at Willie Mae’s. “When a patient of mine suggested I check out Willie Mae’s Scotch House, I was a bit skeptical. The name doesn’t exactly scream out fried chicken, but I was open to it. He literally said that it would be the best fried chicken I would ever have…and he was right.”

Red Beans with Rice: The red beans were delicious. It was creamy and was part of the meal. It had a bit of a kick to it and definitely worth trying.

White Beans with Rice: Again, this was part of the meal. The white beans had a creamier texture and wasn’t as spicy. Both were great but I think its a personal preference.

So much food…

“Overall, Willie Mae’s lived up to its expectations of being rated the best fried chicken by multiple entities. The chicken was perfect and the beans were luscious. It wasn’t super expensive and there was plenty of food.” – Nancy Kuy

To find out more about Nancy’s visit with us, click here.

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