Lunch Time!

Food bloggers, Darly and Mindi Hirsch, share their experience traveling to New Orleans and visiting Willie Mae’s Scotch House for lunch time. The pair first indulged in, you guessed it, our famous fried chicken! “Each bite was a revelation – crispy and slightly salty on the outside while utterly moist and juicy on the inside.” – Daryl Hirsch

America’s Best Fried Chicken With Two Sides

The Hirschs also partook in our red beans and rice and fried okra.

Red Beans and Rice


Fried Okra

The two departed Willie Mae’s saying, “the two-mile walk back to the French Quarter felt good after the carb heavy lunch at Willie Mae’s, especially since we were on a bit of a high knowing that we had just eaten the best fried chicken in America. We’re not just saying that because of the menu’s description.  We’re saying that because it’s true.” – Daryl and Mindi Hirsch

Want read more about Daryl and Mindi’s visit? Click here to find out.

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